This page is for discussing the contents of Gone, But Not Forgotten.

Suggestion from —BradMandell Aug 28 2009

Suggest using the Gone, but Not Forgotten form as it can apply to business, organizations, festivals, public figures, etc.

Following would be the suggested usage for closing out a page.

Closing out a Pawtucket Wiki entry:

  • Change "Location" to "Former Location" in header
  • Remove Address Macro from around actual address to remove entries from Maps
  • Leave "Hours" header in and place "CLOSED" entry below as appropriate to entry. For entries which do not normally have Hours, then create a CLOSED or similar header.
  • Remove invalid information like phone, website addresses unless they are still valid. Put in some documentation about the residual validity ("former owner keeps the line open" - national chain website address, etc).
  • place a "See Gone, But Not Forgotten. entry before the text.
  • Indenting the remnant information helps it to stand out, especially if the text is not changed to past tense, etc.
  • Remove links to categories so that these CLOSED entries do not appear in the "LINKED TO" list for the category pages. For example - change  "was a ["Restarurants" restaurant]"  to  "was a restaurant" . This may also apply to comments where the user wiki linked in category info.
  • Editors may choose to modify the text to past tense and remove invalid or no longer appropriate text.