Our Logo page provides information and rationale for uploading and displaying logo images, the use of which on this wiki might be construed by the viewer as a copyright or trademark infringement. Logos include Organizational Logos (.org), Commercial Logos (.com etc.), and other Logos (groups, blogs, forums, ...).

See Wikipedia:Logos for a complete discussion of the issues and resolutions regarding the display of logos in an encyclopedia application. Not all of the rationale will apply to this wiki, as we are not an encyclopedia or a research project, but we are a not-for-profit, educational site.

Wiki Procedures for Logos1

  • Our editors upload and display representations of the logos of organizations where:
    • The display of the logo is considered a significant viewer identification symbol for the viewer of the page on which it is contained.
    • The logo was obtained from WikiMedia images and the contributor believes the use in this wiki to be fair use.
    • The logo was obtained from the publicly accessible website of the subject company.
    • The logo was obtained from another publicly accessible website which portrayed the logo in a fair-use form.
  • The logo image was not altered other than by reduction to a fair-use size and/or file format.
  • Display of any logo on our wiki does not imply endorsement of the group by us.
  • Logos displayed on our wiki should be marked as follows:
    • insertion of one of the following wiki links in the image title or attached text:
      •  ["Logo"]  or  ["Logo" website Logo]  or such text
      •  ["ComLogo" Logo]  or  ["ComLogo" Company Logo]  or such text
      •  ["OrgLogo" Logo]  or  ["OrgLogo" Website Logo]  or such text
    • addition of the notation " ®" for registered trademarks, such as:
      •  ["OrgLogo"] Logo ®  or
      •  ["ComLogo" Company Logo ®] 
      •  ["Logo" Website Logo ®] 


See our Talk Page for discussion and comments.

Pages with Company or Organization Logo References

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1. Language borrowed directly or in edited form from Wikipedia references