What do you know about Upton Farm?

Upton Farm is a 137-acre parcel of green space in Charlottetown’s north end.  To see a map visit  http://goo.gl/maps/4WD1w

The Upton Farm Trust has been working towards getting the area recognized with the Natural Areas Protection Act (NAPA), which requires a master plan.

There is some movement to protect, naturalize and beautify the area to make it inviting for multi-use activities.  This might include walking trails, cycling trails, tree plantings, off/on leash designations and protection for sensitive Acadian ecosystems tlike salt water marshes, natural springs, meadows, wild flowers and acadian forests. For more information on the Uplands Farm Trust visit http://uptonfarmlands.com/.


Common usage of Upton Farm is an unofficial off-leash dog area.  It's awesome.  Well socialized dogs (mostly), nice people and beautiful views .