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Now you can surf the web, send email, work, and play online... without Dialup, DSL, or Cable. An antenna on your roof establishes your high speed, always-on link to the internet. No tied up phone lines, no busy signals... just 24/7 speed!

Alyrica wireless internet uses radio technology, so you don't have to rely on the cable company or the local phone system for service. As a result, Alyrica is able to provide high speed internet service to locations that aren't currently served by many cable or DSL providers.

Alyrica in the News

Philomath could get city Wi-Fi By KYLE ODEGARD Gazette-Times reporter (7-7-07)

Limited service would be free

PHILOMATH — A local high tech company is working to provide limited wireless Internet service throughout the city of Philomath for free, possibly by next year.

Internet users could access e-mail accounts, the city’s home page and other local business and information sites, said Joseph Sullivan, network administrator for Alyrica Networks, a Philomath-based business.

Locals would need to pay to receive full Internet access.

“We really think we are going to have a lot of people jump on this thing, especially since it’s going to drop the price of high-speed internet in the city,” Sullivan said.

One likely subscriber is the city of Philomath. The City Council will vote at its Monday meeting on a one-year $5,700 contract for the police department, said City Manager Randy Kugler. The vote also would let Alyrica use city facilities and properties for the installation of devices — such as small transmitters — necessary to support the operation of the system.

Police would use the Wi-Fi service, and three laptop computers donated by the city of Corvallis, to access law enforcement databases in the field, said Chief Ken Elwer.

Elwer said that police could run vehicle information, personal information and check for warrants without going through the dispatch center, which would speed up the process of delivering vital information to officers on patrol, especially because the dispatch center may be backlogged with radio calls.

Kugler was pleased about something else the wireless Internet could provide for Philomath:

“If we are identified as a Wi-Fi community, that could cause tourists coming through the area to stop; check their e-mail,” he said. They also might shop at local businesses.

“I don’t know of any other city our size in the state that has the potential to offer this to the community,” Kugler said.

Alyrica is run by the 28-year-old Sullivan and his brother, Kevin, 25. Both grew up and were home-schooled in Philomath; neither graduated from college.

Their company plans to have the Main Street and Applegate Street corridors connected to Wi-Fi by April; the remaining portions of town could be hooked in by July.

Sullivan said Alyrica established a free, limited Wi-Fi service for downtown Corvallis last year.

The city is looking at creating a citywide Wi-Fi network, and hoping that Oregon State University students will increase student fees to help support it, said Nancy Brewer, Corvallis finance director. The Associated Students of OSU is planning a survey on the matter, Brewer added.

“We’re in a holding pattern,” she said.

The city of Lebanon has a Wi-Fi network through PEAK Internet. Users can access the internet for free for 10 hours each month, and they aren’t limited to certain Web sites, said Michael Laport, director of marketing for PEAK Internet.

“We’re working on one in Albany, too,” Laport said.

Kyle Odegard can be contacted at [email protected] or 758-9523.

(In December 2007 the Philomath City Council voted 5-0 to have Philomath police enter into a year-long contract for wireless internet service with Alyrica, and to give that local company access to city property to set up such a network.)