This is a place to post events! Just enter text as you would into the wiki. Try to use links to the pages associated with venues, etc. (so if you say "Local Music Scene" you should make that into a link, ["Local Music Scene"]). This makes it easier for people to find out more information on the organization, etc. You can easily delete the event after posting it (if you make a mistake, etc). To include a picture you must link to the picture externally (meaning it has to be hosted on some other website). Then just paste in the url of the image in brackets. So if the image is at you would put []. Feel free to include a flyer/other photo. (Just be sure to type the information too!)

Tips: Include the start and end dates/times, the cost (or note if free), a link to further information. Post a week (or more) in advance, if possible. Events are assumed to be open to the public unless otherwise noted.