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Built in 1930, the Greengable Garden House incorporates charming 20th century Norman Farmhouse architecture. The first resident, local contractor J. Thomsen, built the house to resemble the style of home his wife remembered from her childhood in Denmark. Electricity was generated by a dam and power plant located on Greasy Creek— the remnants of which can still be seen by the main bridge.


Logger George Shroyer and his wife, Helen, bought the house in 1945 and expanded its size five years later to accommodate their growing family. It is here that Helen followed her passion for gardening. From the time she and her husband first moved into the house, Helen never waivered in her dedication to the gardens. The thousands of plant species she collected over the years gave testament to her vision for the garden and to her legacy of preserving the beauty of nature for others to enjoy.


In the summer of 2002, the Shroyer property was acquired by Greengable Gardens— a collaboration between Greengable Farms and The Flower Garden. Greengable Farms is owned by Demetri Balint, a commercial grower of tulips, daffodils and other bulb flowers. The Flower Garden is owned by Viesia Konar, a professional florist and landscape designer. Her business is located at Greengable Gardens.

Both Demetri and Viesia graduated from OSU with degrees from the School of Agriculture. Their professional lives and outside interests have always revolved around a mutual love and passion for nature and growing plants. The creation of Greengable Gardens is the perfect continuation of Helen's legacy, coupled with the desire of Demetri and Viesia to preserve the past while building for the future.

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