The City of Philomath is assisting the parents of Chief Russ Hunt in establishing a fund in Philomath to honor the memory of the City’s Police Chief. Chief Hunt died as a result of a tragic motorcycle accident on May 25th, 2001, while on vacation with his family in Fields, Oregon.

Graduates of Philomath High School who plan to pursue college level education in the areas of law enforcement or teaching including special education of disadvantaged children would be eligible to apply for these funds. The first award is planned for the end of May 2002 to mark the one-year anniversary of Chief Hunt’s death. During the coming months, the City will develop details of how the fund will operate, including application criteria.

Philomath Community Foundation annually offers two scholarships to seniors at Philomath High School.

The $500 Russ Hunt Scholarship is awarded to a student interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement. The $500 Philomath Community Foundation Community Service Scholarship is awarded to a student who has demonstrated outstanding volunteer service to benefit the community.

Applications for the scholarships are available at the Philomath High School office. Deadline for filing either application is April 26. School Superintendent Pete Tuana may be contacted by students for further information regarding the scholarships.

Donations may be made to the Russ Hunt Police Memorial Fund at the Philomath branch of Citizens Bank, PO Box 1629, Philomath, OR 97370.

(From City of Philomath Newsletter, Summer 2001)

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