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Welcome to the new LocalWiki region for Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia!  This region is in English and is (currently) written from an English-primary speaking perspective.  If you're a Palangka Raya native, please feel free to add pages in Bahasa Indonesia!

Getting started list, c/o OuTrop:

Where to go & general entertainment

  • Old Market (day) - Down at the Kayahan river (Bemo D from Bukit Hindu). Good to walk around, huge sections for any kind of shopping, clothes, food, watches, rubber boots, shoes, etc. This place comes alive at night (see below)
  • Night Market - same as above but many many more stalls and food options.
  • Old Palangkaraya neighborhood - First Palangkaraya seattlements next to the Kahayan river, it's a full neighborhood built over the river with wooden streets. Go to the old market and then hit the river. You will probably get lost in the neighborhood so do not go there in the late afternoon or if you're new to the city.
  • Palangkaraya's bridge - actually is an activity!! Go there for sunset and you'll find a lovely place to have an ice cream. During the dayak festival, traditional Dayak boats will navigate to it and disembark while dances are performed.

Eating, Drinking & Dancing

  • Vino Club - Aquarius Hotel, Jalan Iman Bonjol. Near big roundabout. Somewhat expensive but offers music and drinks, and sometimes has big Indonesian music stars. Has DJs most weekends.
  • Karaoke - At the top of the mall.
  • Coffee-Tofee - Lovely cafe with internet access and a nice variety of coffee. Jalan Diponogoro on the left side of the road (Bemo E from the market), close to bundaran kecil.
  • Fancy new restaurant in Jalan Galaxy (Kayu Manis, left side of the road, orange sign). You can eat pizza and pasta while having a beer!!
  • Chinese (main market) - near the market by the river. Indonesian / Chinese fusion food. You will always over-order! Take any bemo to the pasar.
  • Al-mu minum restaurant - again, near the market. Offers chicken, fish, and giant prawns cooked on the grill. Few vegetarian options!
  • Big roundabout - an amazing selection of drinks and food stalls every night of the week. Saturday nights this is the place to be!
  • Fish restaurant over the Kayahan bridge - you will need a car to go here, but head over the bridge to a large restaurant / lake on the left-hand side. Freshly-caught fish.
  • Cinema - in the mall. Check listings here.
  • Bukit Raya - Nice wooden hostel with beautiful garden and natural swimming pool. Jalan Bukit Raya and follow the signs. www.bukit-raya.com


  • Martha Tilaar - massage and spa for men and women. Just off Jalan MH Thamrin (same street as Hypermart). Head to Hotel Dandang Tingang and walk along the road at the cross roads. Spa is about halfway along. www.marthatilaarspa.com
  • Feet or full body massage (cheap one) - Jalan Tjilit Riwut before the Police place on the left side of the road. Next to the Aphoteque.


  • Matahari - department store on Jalan Yos Sudarso.
  • Hypermart - food supermarket on Jalan Yos Sudarso.
  • Tourist Street - officially called Jalan Madura, this street offers many souvenir and present options to take home to family and friends. Near main market.


  • Dayak festival around mid-May. Plenty of things going on, mainly in the Stadium in Jalan Ahmediani.
  • Balanga Museum - Jalan Tjilik Riwut Km2 (after police toward Waterpark and Tangkilling). A great display of Dayak artifacts and culture. Displays are in Indonesian and English. Maybe shut on Mondays, best to call in advance +62 536 3222991
  • Dayak Dancing - Jalan Sanga Buana. Head along to join in and make new friends.
  • Kayahan river trip - go to the pelabuhan near the main market and negotiate a trip on boat around the river life of Palangka Raya. You will need to speak good Indonesian.
  • Kereng boat racers - Around November, ask local people when it happens. Just in Kereng old harbor.
  • Bukit Hindu Temple - Jalan Kinabalu opposite the mall, next to bundaran besar. Free entrance and almost always opened. Please dress appropriately when visiting temples.


  • Tangkilling Hill - a small hill which you can climb by following a trail of about 30km from Palangka Raya. Bemos will go there from Palangka Raya.
  • Free outdoor football every day in Bundaran Besar after 16:00h to dark.