Where people live, there are raccoons. In the evening you can see them roaming around the city.

They like to open trash cans. A bungie cord works well to secure the lid. You can make 2 small holes on either side of the trash can, hook the bungie cord on, and then bend the hooks closed. 

They also like to eat cat food. If you put out food for a cat, much of it will go to a raccoon.

Raccoons like to eat chickens, which is a big problem for folks who keep birds in their back yard.

They sometimes like to nest in roofs. When a cedar-shingled roof is old enough, a pregnant mama will tear a whole in it looking for a place to nest. They can do a lot of damage really fast.

You can catch raccoons, but be careful where you release them. You may think you're "out in the country" but nearby residents will have to deal with that raccoon next.

It is legal to shoot them, and they are tasty, but raccoons that eat a lot of trash and cat food are not very healthy.