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The Port Townsend Paper Company (PTPC) manufactures pulp and paper products for sale both domestically and internationally.   

Currently (2012), about 950 tons of pulp per day are produced.  Two thirds of this is unbleached kraft pulp and one third is  recycled pulp from corrugated cardboard.  Some of the kraft pulp is baled and sold as market pulp.  The rest is blended with the recycled pulp to produce various paper products -- lightweight linerboard, corrugating medium and unbleached converting grade paper. 

The kraft chemical pulping process includes a recycling process where most of the chemicals used to produce pulp and paper are captured, recovered, and reused again and again. At the same time, byproducts from the pulping process are used as a fuel source to generate steam and electricity.

 The schematic on this page is a greatly simplified picture of what goes on at the mill in Port Townsend, including only the primary material and energy flows of the plant.