Henry Wickersham a resident of Powhatan and tinsmith. According to records found on Ancestry.com, he was appointed as the local postmaster on February 10, 1874. On June 19, he was sued by S.W. Williams for allegedly not paying off the lumber he used to build his house, a total of $228.93. The lumber was said to be used to build his residence on lots 2 and 3, block seven, in Lindsay's addition to the town of Powhatan. (NEARA Box 64 F115)

An article from the Arkansas Gazette dated March 3, 1875 says that Wickersham's tin shop was the source and victim of a fire that destroyed much of the town.

On March 30, 1875, L.L. Mack and R.N. Lester, administrators of the estate of Elysha Raney, filed suit against Wickersham for debt. (NEARA Box 60 F78)