"Dr. Coffman practiced medicine in Powhatan for 12 years, leaving for Black Rock in 1883, where entered the general merchandise business. He owned property in the city and surrounding area, including one of the best fruit orchards in Northeast Arkansas. He planted 25 acres of young trees in 1885 and by 1890 harvested 1.5 bushels of fruit to the tree. Coffman was born in McLean County, Kentucky and at age 16 enlisted in the Confederate Army. He studied medicine at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia. He was a popular man and was known as an efficient and skillfull physician. His wife was the former Miss Mollie F Warner."1

On April 16, 1881 he registered with Lawrence County as both a physician and surgeon. 2

In 1917 he applied to operate a ferry over the Black River at Black Rock, stating he owned land on both sides of the river.


Summary of Goodspeed, p. 784

Born in 1847 in Kentucky. Enlisted in Confederate Army under General Price. Returned home as a cotton planter. In 1868 he commenced the study of medicine, with his brother, who was a graduate of the University of Louisville. He entered the same university in the fall of 1869, from which he graduated in 1871 and later entered the Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, graduating in 1883. He commenced the practice of medicine in Powhatan in 1871, and removed to Black Rock in 1883. Married to Ms. Mollie F. Warner. The doctor embarked in general merchandising in 1883-84 at Black Rock. 

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