Summary from Goodspeed

John K. Gibson was an attorney and real estate dealer based in Powhatan. Born in North Carolina August 15, 1845. He attended schools in the Carolinas, and taught school himself for 3 years. In 1867 he enrolled at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and in the fall of 1868 commenced reading law. He was admitted to the bar in 1869 and soon moved to Arkansas, first Jacksonport. On December 15, 1869 he left Jacksonport and came to Powhatan and opened a practice. He also served as county superintendent of schools. He has also held the title of county examiner for several years. In 1876 he was elected as representative for the county. He married Miss Fannie Peebles in 1873. In 1881 he married Miss. Lizzie M. Moore. They had 3 children: George M, Maggie M. and John K. Gibson Jr. Members of the Old School Presbyterian Church and serves as a deacon. 


- On March 5, 1894, Gibson appeared in Powhatan to begin a session of the Circuit Court. John K Gibson at court in Walnut Ridge, 3-7-1894.pdf

- In 1916, Gibson was sued for damages by the Inman Packet Company. They claimed that he hung steel wires across the Black River to deliberately obstruct commercial traffic, and that one of their boats, City of Muskogee, suffered damage to the smokestack because of these wires. Gibson, in his answer, said that 1) The Inman Packet Company did not operate any vessels anywhere on the Black or White River. 2) Denied that he hung steel wires to obstruct traffic, stating that any such "wires" were likely telephone lines he was having installed by hired workmen. 3) That such wires were hung high enough to allow boats to pass under. He filed a motion to dismiss the case, but the record does not indicate how the court ruled. (MSNE.0075. Inman Packet Company v John K. Gibson. Walnut Ridge Court Records. 1916. Box. 206. F49. Northeast Arkansas Regional Archives.)