Lewis K. Coffman was born in 1837 in Muhlenberg Co. Kentucky. By 1860, he was residing in Lawrence County, Arkansas. He married Martha Ruby in 1865. They had 4 children together, Ferdinand, Eulalila, Stella and Homer. He died in 1874 and is buried in Portia. His wife Martha remarried to J.R. Eudaly.


In 1860, he lived with his father Jacob N. Coffman and his siblings John, Jacob, James and Laura.

In 1865, he enlisted in the Confederate army at Jacksonport. He was a 1st Lieutenant of the Thirty-eighth infantry.

In 1870, he had established his own household. He was 33 years old and listed as a farmer. He lived with his wife Martha and children Maggerland and Ferdinand. He had a real estate value of 1,800 and personal estate of 700.

He died September 25, 1874 and was buried in Portia.