Frank Cravens was charged by the Grand Jury in the August term of 1912 in Lawrence County's Western District with the murder of Harry Moore. Moore was killed by gunshot.

Moore and Cravens lived in the community of Driftwood. Cravens had been convicted of larceny prior to the murder, potentially based on Moore's testimony. The larceny appears to be that Cravens and Henry Steadman were accused of stealing a hog, but many residents of the area remember that day as a day that Frank Cravens went to Black Rock to purchase goods for various neighbors. Harry Moore apparently helped spread the word that Cravens had stolen the hog, stating to one witness "I'll get even with him" since Frank had come between Harry and a girl.

Sometime after this, Cravens apparently shot Harry Moore and was jailed. He was defended by L.B. Poindexter and Irby. He bailed out of jail for a 1,000 dollar bond. Trial resumed in January of 1913, with many witnesses and depositions taken from people that had moved away.

Records do not indicate the outcome of the trial.