The North Arkansas Telephone Company was formed in 1887 to provide telephone service between Black Rock, Portia, Powhatan, Walnut Ridge, Minturn, Alicia, Smithville, Ravenden Springs, Imboden, Jonesboro, Hoxie, Evening Shade, Clover Bend, and Pocohontas. The company began with $10,000 in stock, divided into shares worth $25 each. The incorporators were:

M.D. Baber, R.P. Mack, F.C. Stuart, F.M. Maryland, John Darter, A.J. Moore, C. Stoan, James P. Coffin, F.F. Stoan, C.T. Stuart, J.H. Doyle, E.T. Wayland, John K. Gibson, B.F. Matthews, Wm. Waterson, John W. Martin, Chas. Coffin, Chas. H. Coffin, A.J. Angle, and Wm. Matthews.

In 1898, it was reported that the telephone system now covers Powhatan, Black Rock, Portia, Hoxie, Walnut Ridge, Minturn and Clover Bend.3

In 1900, it was reported the system now stretched to Denton, Smithville, Annieville and Imboden. 4



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