There are a lot of really musically talented people in and around Provo. There are 2 main venues for local bands, Velour and Muse Music. There are a decent amount of house shows, too. Most nationally-recognized bands come to Salt Lake City, and it is common for a lot of people from Provo to go there regularly for that purpose.


Velour Muse Music The Compound - house Sammy's - restaurant Guru's - restaurant

Local Musicians and Bands


Adam and Darcie Andy Martin Benton Paul Book on Tapeworm Boots to the Moon Brinton Jones Colby Stead Chris Merritt Desert Noises Drew Capener Drew Danburry Dustin Christensen Grant Olsen Haley Hendrickson Jenny Guerra Joshua James JP Haynie Kalai Katie Brandeburg Matt Weidauer RuRu The Second Estate Sayde Price Spencer Russell

Full Indie Bands:

The Archer's Apple Code Hero Dacia Chant The Eden Express Electron Deception The Fictionist Hello Helicopter Imagine Dragons The John Whites Mudbison Neon Trees Norther Parlor Hawk Return to Sender Saint Sebastian's School for Wicked Girls Seve vs. Evan Shark Speed Somber Party The Vibrant Sound


Forest World Kidd Widd Ok Ikumi NAWM Red Spectral Ryan D Tod Gobblins

Ones that have moved but still come back and play:

Chris Merritt The Elizabethan Report Johan the Angel Mathematics Et Cetera Shake Your Peace!

Sego Festival Utah Concerts