The Great Gilmour Street Garage Sale is an annual street wide garage and charity sale held on the Saturday after the Victoria Day May long weekend. Started in 1990, the entire street is taken up by residents selling stuff, and many larger organizations raising money through various sales. Mostly confined between Park Street on the West and Monaghan Road, there are usually a few sellers West of Monaghan, and often some along Homewood Avenue.

There does not seem to be any "official" online presence for the sale, but there is a facebook page.

For 2013, the date is Saturday May 25 (8:30am-1pm) with a rain date of Sunday May 26th. Some participants:

For 2012, the date was Saturday May 26 (8:30am-1pm) with a rain date of Sunday May 27th and there was a bit of a writeup in the paper:

For 2011, the date was Saturday May 28 (8:30am-1pm) with a rain date of Sunday May 29th and had the following participants

  • Taoist Tai Chi Society of Canada Peterborough branch

East of Monaghan Road

West of Monaghan Road

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2013-04-15 15:11:12   The yard sale date should be Saturday May 25th not the 24th. The 24th is a Friday. —

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