Gilmour Street, Peterborough, ON, Canada
phone for appointment
tel: (705) 313-9167, fax: (208) 445-0200
Johann Beda
Date, i.e. 1995-01-01
Payment Method
Cash, Cheque, PayPal

Since 1995 Johann has been doing Apple Macintosh computer consulting for home computers, office systems and home office systems - laptops, desktops, and servers. He can assist with system purchase decisions, new system setup, system expansion, troubleshooting and user training. I can help with software purchase, installation and training. He has experience with networking, including the Internet. If you have a Mac and want some support, he can help. Of the Computer and Internet people in town, he is one of the only Mac support professionals in the region.

Johann works out of his home on Gilmour Street, but generally makes on-site visits for work.

In 2010, Johann started this very Peterborough Wiki!


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