The Center for Rural Health Development, a non-profit organization located in Hurricane, serves as a platform for all aspects of the West Virginia healthcare system, from consumers to policymakers, to share knowledge and work towards the best solutions for meeting the health needs of West Virginia residents. The mission of the Center for Rural Health Development is "to create a healthy future for West Virginia by improving the health of our residents and the strength of West Virginia's health care delivery system, especially in rural and underserved communities in the state". The Center works towards its mission through initiatives that improve the health of the future WV health workforce, the financial stability and viability of rural health care providers and organizations, improving access to quality health care, and reducing the costs associated with preventable diseases. 

Guided by the principles of healthy-communities, patient-centered health care, public/private partnerships, quality health care, and health equality, the Center strives to be a charitable and trustworthy partner and leader resource for both assistance and expertise for improving health and health care in West Virginia. 

Type of Organization Non-profit
Primary Contact Sharon L. Landsdale, [email protected]
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History of Organization: Since 2003, the Center has served as the lead agency for the West Virginia Immunization Network. The Center also promotes rural health infrastructure through loan programs, aids other WV non-profits through knowledge on best practices for policies to benefit their communities through the healthcare system, providing training and resources to WV leaders in healthcare and securing resources to improve the quality of life of West Virginia's through access to quality healthcare.  

Programs and Projects: "Take Your Best Shot: Adolescent and Adult Immunization Projects", the "WV Immunization Summit", National Infant Immunization Week events, "Vaccination: Protecting your Baby from the Beginning" campaign are programs developed and implemented by the CRHD as part of the West Virginia Immunization Network to help protect West Virginia's from vaccine-preventable diseases. The WV Rural Health Infrastructure Loan Fund provides eligible borrowers with funds for new facilities, facility improvement, and other needs. The Institute for Health Care Governance provides forums and workshops to help WV nonprofit organization leaders implement policies and practices to benefit their patients, organizations and communities. The Healthy Futures Campaign uses partnerships with public and private organizations to secure resources needed to improve the access of quality health care to West Virginians across the state and improve the overall health of WV residents.  

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