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Invent Camp: This summer, work with others inventing, making prototypes & testing the market. Invent Camp 2020 is your pioneer experience for under $2000! In the morning, work with others to build out trails, campsites, cabins, cafes, shelters and workshops. In the afternoon, jam for ideas or join an existing project.

 We need to go green fast. You'll learn how to collect & clean drinking water, build energy-zero cabins, off-grid solar + battery power tools & small electric vehicles, melt metal, program CNC routers, turn waste plastic & paper into products, or design greenhouse food systems. Plus whatever you think of.

We're looking at 100 to 150 acre properties with rural zoning so you can farm, build barns & workshops or a cafe/camp/store visitor centre where you can sell what you make. An acreage around Kaladar or Bon Echo Provincial Park. Mullet-style land use, active at the road-front & quiet out back (50% reserved for Nature). Think ecovillage with parental oversight for youth, 100 to 150 people. Raise money for camp using Climate Kids fundraisers. What's the cause? An entire generation of youth trapped between low wages and high house prices facing a grim future!

This is Charter land, defending your right to life, liberty and security of the person. Bought as a group, held in trust and permanently off market so you'll always have a place to go. Personal and planetary life security is the issue.

If you want in, you have to agree to find the best ways to care for people and the ecosystems that sustain our lives as the sole basis of our economy. You can’t ruin the land for the next generation. You can sell your share in the land trust, but only for what you paid in. Speculation is not allowed. That’s the deal.

Sign up, get on the list & start developing ideas. When enough peeps are in, we pool funds & buy. 10% of your buy-in goes to Climate Kids programs.



Background. This started as a land & homes deal that got a good response from a Trenton Kijiji ad under land for sale. It attracted the poor, a religious group and speculators driven by the real estate model thinking you can do anything with land. People wanting everything done for them, not one stepping up to help. It was stalled by the one-residence per lot zoning model of the Planning Act directly traceable from England's 1600s Enclosure Act designed by bankers to seize control of villages. A plan was needed to find the basis of law and decision-making and deal with government. But it also attracted one person willing to buy the land outright in advance and then let others buy in, just to have supportive neighbors. The deal is now based on Charter Rights, the World Scientists' Warning to Humanity with the need for sustainability test communities, green jobs creation and rural economic development in integrated sustainable community. The context in book form is "Plan to Save Your Kids". An entire generation is now trapped between low wages and high house prices, unable to gain a foothold in life, facing a grim future. The political spearhead to change this (and prevent riots) is parental authorship of the Pioneer Act.

The issue of buying land economically as group for work and residences is partly solved with an Invent Camp. Ideally, one has personal lots separated by public access land (50% Nature rights), giving access to the full acreage. Unlike BC, Ontario does not have integrated zoning. But rural zoning allows campground development. The key is to get the land, then make the changes necessary. An Invent Camp is one way to address issues of having a place to go to work with others, invent and build, get to market. Now the focus is on kids rather than a company and economic development. Instead of being for profit, 10% goes to Climate Kids programs. The focus is on parent-guided protection of kids, getting this generation set up in life. To raise cash for kids, portable scalable fundraisers have been developed as part of a summer jobs creation package providing life security for all. The overall idea is to create many options and routes, with many services and producuts for sale that meet essential human needs and help us to go green fast. A well-developed set of documents gives the "thunk factor" while a group provides the clout.