What do you know about Aqueduct at West Street?

The stone aqueduct is located behind 1014 North West Street and extends south to Peace Street. Pigeon House Branch originates near Cameron Village and runs downtown. It flows under West Street, where it curves north alongside Capital Boulevard and runs until it meets Crabtree Creek, which eventually empties into the Neuse River. Pigeon House Branch was even called "rambunctious" in a 1949 News & Observer article, which discussed plans for "reforming" it.

Located in the former Smoky Hollow neighborhood before Capital Boulevard was built in the 1950's.

This long-forgotten waterway has been a recurring component of city planning discussions in recent years, and with the upcoming replacement of the Capital Boulevard bridge at Peace Street and the proposed reclamation of what used to be Devereux Meadows Ballpark.

For years the City of Raleigh has aspired to provide a greenway running parallel to a water feature through downtown (a riverwalk), and given the recent demolition nearby, the time may be at hand. By unearthing--or daylighting--the Pigeon House Branch, the city could raise this piece of lost history. In fact, Devereux Meadow tucked away just behind the concrete waterway and river, is slated to become part of a large downtown park and greenway system.

Heather Leah, ABC11 WTVDHeather Leah, ABC11 WTCD

Charles Duncan / Raleigh Public Record

Charles Duncan / Raleigh Public Record



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