Assets and Resources for Creating a Thriving Innovation Ecosystem in the Triangle


Individuals, Groups

Innovative individuals passionate about starting new businesses and collaborating with others to create new ventures in the region.


Funding / Capital

Venture capital firms interested in helping the Triangle Innovation Ecosystem thrive.


Individual investors or small organizations interested in providing early support to startups and innovators in the Triangle.​


Organizations / Programs

​Research facilities, programs or organizations that can contribute to the overall ecosystem in the region (e.g. NC State, UNC, Duke)

Large companies provide the Triangle region with a steady stream of diverse, talented, smart people.  They also support the community and regional initiatives in general.  The Triangle region is best known for companies in the areas of Technology, Pharma, BioTech, Healthcare, and ....... (e.g. IBM, RedHat, Cisco, GlaxoSmithKline)


Programs, locations, competitions or other events and and resources that provide a community to collaborate with other innovators and entrepreneurs. (e.g. American Underground, CityCampRaleigh)


Government programs, initiatives or entities that provide opportunities, governance, and local regulation to encourage innovation in the region (e.g. City of Raleigh, City of Durham, etc)


Non-profit organizations, trade associations, programs, or initiatives that provide support and resources to encourage innovation  and entrepreneurship in the region (e.g. CED, Raleigh Economic Development, DRA, etc)


Ecosystem Support

Dedicated press companies or organizations that can help document and publicize initiatives and innovation programs, as well as help keep the innovation community abreast of what's going on. (e.g.

Community focused organizations or initiatives that provide support or that encourage collaboration and cooperation in the region (e.g. RaleighDLA)


Local area vendors that can provide other services to entrepreneurs and innovators. (e.g. legal services, business development)