Located one mile north of downtown, the Raleigh Bonded Warehouse complex developed between 1923 and 1956. It consists of the original Raleigh Bonded Warehouse; an office (ca. 1923, expanded ca. 1949); a Packing Building (ca. 1949); a Weigh Station (ca. 1949); and two additional warehouses (ca. 1949 and 1953). The 1923 warehouse is a rectangular two-story reinforced concrete building with a heavy timber interior framework, a low gabled roof, and corrugated metal doors. Built to store cotton, it is Raleigh’s third oldest commercial warehouse and its first building made of reinforced concrete. The complex served as Raleigh’s main repository for durable goods for most of the 20th century.

Photo by David Strevel, Capital City Camera Club
© Raleigh Historic Development Commission

1515 Capital Boulevard



Local/National Designations
Raleigh Historic Landmark
National Register of Historic Places


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