Brier Creek Parkway is a minor arterial thoroughfare in Northwest Raleigh. Named for the shopping center and residential subdivision through which it travels, it connects Globe Road to T.W. Alexander Drive.

Route Description

Brier Creek Parkway begins as a four-lane median divided parkway at Globe Road. The parkway travels dueast through a commercialized section of Brier Creek, running parallel to I-540. Brier Creek turns to the northeast at an intersection with Lumley Road before approaching its intersection with US 70 (Glenwood Avenue). Now traveling due north, surroundings of Brier Creek Parkway transition from commercial to residential. At an intersection with T.W. Alexander Drive, Brier Creek narrows to two lanes with a continuous central turn lane as it approaches relatively newly built apartment complexes. It then reaches its eastern terminus at a roundabout intersection with Andrews Chapel Road.