The 1876 Romanesque Revival Mahler Building originally housed a jewelry store and offices. The Carolina Trust Building is a 1902 Colonial Revival bank. McLellan's Five & Dime Store purchased first the Carolina Trust, then the Mahler Building, combining them in 1932 into one large store with a unified storefront. While the storefronts of both buildings have been remodeled repeatedly, upper stories retain original distinction. The Mahler Building has characteristic round-arch windows with bracketed metal caps and keystones. Carolina Trust, a more restrained Classical style, displays less texture and fewer curves than its neighbor.

Photo by Michael Zirkle Photography
© Raleigh Historic Development Commission


230 and 228 Fayetteville Street
1902 and 1876, respectively
Restrained classical and Romanesque Revival



Local/National Designations
Raleigh Historic Landmark
National Register of Historic Places


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