Carrburritos is a delicious, local alternative to chain mexican places on Franklin Street (such as Qdoba and Chipotle). It's located at 711 W. Rosemary St, which is right over the Chapel Hill-Carrboro border. This place has wonderful burritos and tacos, but their real worth lies in their unique salsas, which range from a mild fruity salsa to a mouth-burning habanero salsa (and a couple in between). They also have great tofu and fish options for all you non meat-eaters. Their number is (919) 933-8226 and they're closed on Sundays. ​

Although it's a little more than a mile from campus, there are some great bus lines that stop within a quarter of a mile. These are: A, CW, F and J; depending on where you're starting from, these get you the closest to Carrburritos. Let it be known that only the CW runs on the weekends.