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From "the grid":

Orange Room (3rd Floor): RaleighNC.gov/TriangleWiki
Blue Room (2nd Floor): Health Impacts on Community Design
Red Room (3rd Floor): Game to learn about sites around Raleigh
Green Room (2nd Floor): Raleigh Greenway App
Yellow Room(2nd Floor): What is Open Source?

Orange Room: Augmented reality view of historic pictures of Raleigh
Blue Room: Participatory online map to locate and promote community gardens
Red Room: What do you want here?
Green Room: Young people: Get on the damn bus?
Yellow Room: What should we do with fiber optic broadband on major thoroughfares?

Orange: Hyperlocal search index for Raleigh with open source tools
Blue: RDUniversity
Red: What's around me?
Green: Transit riders meetup and brainstorm
Yellow: Do we want an open budget?

Orange: Arik's Crowdsourced Street Art
Blue: Visualizing Zoning / development for non-experts
Red: QR codes on all city property - It's a good idea!
Green: Bike sharing program
Yellow: Best practices + regional issues in open government

Orange: The Raleigh "Boon" + interactive Raleigh experience other than just apps
Blue: Can we improve access to recycling
Red: App for letting people easily and seamlessly collect multimedia for telling the story of their community
Green: Bicyclists turn traffic lights green
Yellow: What standards does the city have to present data? Make recommendations for new info structures

Here is a growing list of workshops at CityCamp Raleigh 2012

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