Raleigh Code for America Meeting Notes 3/7/2013

Attendance: Reid Serozi, Jason Hibbets, Russ Stephenson, Jason Horne, Chad Foley, Bonner Gaylord, Jason Baker, Collin, John Paul Smith, Carole Meyre, Carlos Santana

  • Debrief on Open Data Day from Jason Hibbets and Carlos Santana
  • Reviewed the Raleigh Code for America Brigade charter
    • Add Triangle “Wiki Gatherings” to the objectives
    • Add Support “Open Government” to the objective
    • Make the membership process super easy
    • Encourage members to join a project as a membership requirement
    • We need to define which captain or member will own a goal / objective ?
    • The captains need define the roles and responsibilities by March 15th
  • Data Jam Update from Jason Hibbets: April 22 from 12pm-6pm sponsored by Hub Raleigh
  • Update on Adopt-a-Shelter Project from Chad Foley. Short term goal to get the app online by finding a Ruby of Rails developers
  • Brigades are looking to start in Cary, Durham, Morrisville - let's collaborate regionally and have Raleigh help get them started


  • Purhace opengovNC.com
  • Rename CityCampRaleigh google group to OpenGovNC
  • The Group created a Google Community (Triangle Code for America) for regional discussion around open government.

Next meeting

Monthly Raleigh Code for America brigade meetup
Thu, Apr 4, 5:30 PM EDT - 8:00 PM EDT | Start time 6:00 PM EDT
907 Glenwood Ave (Raleigh Public Record/AJ Fletcher Foundation)