ComedyWorx is an improvisational theater located at 431 Peace Street, in downtown Raleigh.

ComedyWorx opened in 1989 as a franchise of ComedySportz, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin based improv comedy organization. Although no longer a part of ComedySportz, ComedyWorx still uses a similar form for its shows.

The  format of a ComedyWorx show features two teams of performers, the "home team", the Hillsborough Street Malamutes, in red, and the "visiting team", in blue, whose team name is usually a pun based off a local area or nearby city, such as the Cameron Village People and the Dunn Deals. The teams  compete in various improv games, performing scenes with audience members judging the results and awarding points. In every show, a  referee monitors the action, awarding points and administering fouls as necessary. The flavor is very much like the television show Whose Line Is It Anyway?,

ComedyWorx "fouls" include:

  • the Brown Bag Foul, called when a player OR audience member uses explicit language or refers to something crass or off-color. The Brown Bag Foul is infamously punished by making the offender wear a brown paper bag over their head for the remainder of the scene, even if the offender is an audience member
  • the Groaner Foul, where a performer who speaks a pun bad enough to make the audience groan loses at least one point for their team, unless their apology to the audience is heartfelt enough.

ComedyWorx also offers a series of workshops and classes for anyone who is interested in improv as a hobby, or anyone who might want to be interested in performing at the club.  Information for classes Can be found on their page for the Worx Training Center

For the past seven years, ComedyWorx has hosted the i3 Comedy Festival.  ComedyWorx Alumni (mostly those who have moved to Chicago) return for a weekend of long form improvisation and workshops.  This event is also open to the public.



431 Peace Street, Raleigh, NC

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