Forest Hills Park

Located in central Durham just minutes from downtown lies the Forest Hills neighborhood.  Built in the 1920’s, Forest Hills is one of Durham’s oldest neighborhoods and it is still home to many Durham families.  George Watts Carr was the main architect on the neighborhood and he built the developing homes around a nine-hole golf course.  Today the golf course is no longer in service, but the city of Durham still uses the fields as a park, which attracts many people in and out of the neighborhood.  The park and the Playground attract all ages to get fresh air or take their animals out for a walk.  Durham Academy, a private school located on Pickett Road, got its start in the clubhouse of Forest Hills.  The well-known American Tobacco Trail runs right through the neighborhood, and Forest Hills has a ramp onto it so homeowners can have access to the trail.   Many homes in the neighborhood that were built in the early 1920s still have their original structure today.  Forest Hills is one of Durham’s original suburbs and is still regarded well to this day, with many homes retaining their value and selling quickly.