Mike Roig
American, born 1956

Glimpses of the Promised Land
Steel, 2006

Collection of the City of Raleigh
Purchased on recommendation of the City of Raleigh Arts Commission with funds from the proceeds of the Raleigh Red Wolf Ramble project.

In 2005, Carrboro, North Carolina artist Mike Roig was commissioned by the City of Raleigh Arts Commission to create a sculpture for Chavis Park, a location rich in African American history. The artwork, named after Martin Luther King, Jr.’s reference to the Promised Land in his famous speech, “I Have been to the mountaintop" invites viewers to look up into a swirling flock of stainless steel birds circling above.

Several airplanes are also visible as a reference to the contributions of the Tuskegee Airmen. The sculpture is placed in the direction of Raleigh’s dramatic skyline in the hope that viewers will sit, talk and reflect on our Land of Promise. 

Glimpses of the Promised Land
Mike Roig
Chavis Park, 505 Martin Luther King, Blvd.

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