Join the Heavy Metal Recycling - Go Beyond the Cart Movement. 

It’s a shame to put non-city approved recyclable metal materials in the trash, so what can you do with metal objects that can’t be put in your recycle bin? Welcome to a grassroots recycling program powered by neighbors.

The 2020 Schedule

APRIL 11, JULY 11, and OCTOBER 10

Enroll Now. How to start recycling like a rock star

Do you live in or near the Mordecai CAC district? The Heavy Metal Recycling Program is being piloted in the Mordecai CAC district in 2020, which includes neighborhoods; Cotton Mill, East Mordecai, Governors Square, Mordecai Community, Oakdale, Village of Pilot Mill and Village at Pilot Mill.

Step 1: Join the NextDoor Group for Community Updates

Step 2: Complete a short contact form

Step 3:  Purchase a GreenMade Pro Storage Container for pick-up and storing metals 

Step 4:  Print the Metal Recycle Flyer.pdf and attach to your container



What types of metals are accepted?

  • YES - All metal is recycled at 2310 Garner Road, who accepts metal items. Metal items includes includes electronics, random steel and aluminum pieces left over from home projects. Here is a massive list of accepted metals:
  • BUT - We will not be able to pick up batteries to keep everyone safe. Sorry, no large items like white goods/appliances due to transport limitation. Last, we don't want to accept wood screws and nails to ensure we don't accidentally drop some in the road. 

This program was started after I realized how often I was filling up my own metal recycle cart from home repair projects and broken stuff at the house. In 2019, my family replaced a microwave, attic ladder steps, installed a ceiling fan(s), sink, outdoor toys and tech junk  to name a few items. All these items pile up in old school recycle bin. I then haul the full bin to the local metal scrap yard on Garner Road or visit one of the Wake County Waste Stations to do my part from keeping trash out of the landfill. I reached out to my community to collect feedback to understand if other neighbors were interested in designing a scrap metal pick-up service. After 72 responses,  Survey - Beyond the Cart Metal Recycling Program.pdf we are now piloting the idea to anyone in Raleigh's Mordecai Community.

How does my Heavy Metal Recycling Cart get emptied? 

* Leave the container on your porch by 8 am the day of pickup *

* You MUST opt-in for a pick-up by responding to an automated text or email reminder for each quarterly pickup.*

At this time, we are talking with recycling company to provide pick-up and  the money generated from the metal recycling will cover their operational costs.

Where to purchase a GreenMade Pro Storage Container?

The GreenMade storage container is not a requirement, but will aid with pick-up to ensure we don't miss anyone. Please feel free to make your own container for collecting metal.