Late night kicks off the basketball preseason every year with cheering crowds, dancing basketball players, and, of course, a grinning Roy Williams (the men’s basketball coach). Hosted by the men’s and women’s basketball teams, Late Night serves to excite the Tar Heel nation for the upcoming basketball season.

The night begins early in the evening for those wishing for a decent seat inside the Dean Dome and ends before eleven after covering introductions, funny skits, and interesting dancing. Carolina students take this opportunity to get acquainted (or reacquainted) with the Dean Dome and the basketball team of the season.

Tar Heels have come to expect a certain level of silliness and fun from Late Night each year--including the popular boys on the basketball team doing various forms of choreographed dances and skits from both the men’s and women’s basketball teams. Roy never fails to please the crowd with his own attempts at dancing.

Tar Heels urge the new first-year classes to participate in this annual event to get their first taste of Carolina basketball as a student. Alumni and Carolina basketball fanatics return to Carolina’s campus for this night of entertainment.