Leesville Road is a somewhat major roadway running through Northwest Raleigh and southern Durham County. It is named for the crossroads of Leesville, which sits at what is now the intersection of Leesville, Strickland, and Leesville Church Roads.

Route Description

Leesville Road begins at West Millbrook Road across from Raleigh's Wooten Meadows Park. The roadway is four lanes wide divided by a raised grass median and travels through a largely residential area. After an intersection with Lynn Road, Leesville Road reduces to a two lane undivided road, passing by the Leesville Road schools. At Westgate Road, Leesville Road widens to a five-lane facility, serving commercial development from there to I-540. Leesville proceeds north of the I-540 interchange as a four-lane median divided road, again serving mostly residential development. Leesville makes an abrupt left turn onto a two-lane Road at Hickory Grove Church Road, ending at US 70 in Durham County.