The Light + Time Tower is a public art project commissioned in 1992 by the City of Raleigh Arts Commission (CORAC).  CORAC selected internationally-known artist Dale Eldred to design RAC’s inaugural public art project on Capital Boulevard.  Shortly after he was hired in 1993, Eldred died at his studio while removing artwork and equipment from encroaching floodwaters in Kansas City, Missouri.  His widow, Roberta Lord, subsequently moved forward with completing the public artwork, which received mixed reactions when dedicated in 1995.  Discussions focused on the sculpture’s location and inaccessibility in a busy median, and its appearance, which was frequently compared to a cell phone tower.

A key feature of the 40-foot sculpture is the diffraction panels, whereas brilliant colors are most visible on sunny mornings (when driving south towards downtown) and sunny afternoons (when driving north away from downtown).  According to former CORAC director Elaine Lorber, “The selected site was based on the most visibility and the ability to position the work so that it caught maximum sunlight over the longest time.  Ergo, light + time.” 


Light + Time Tower
Dale Eldred




Diffraction Panels


Capital Boulevard at Wade Avenue

Raleigh, NC 27607


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