Photo courtesy of twbucknerThe cast from the 1973 performance of Richard III by Stage '73 (now Theatre in the Park). Photo courtesy of twbuckner

Meredith College is a private women's college located at 3800 Hillsborough Street. The college campus features an outdoor amphitheater by a small pond. The amphitheater has been used for a number of theatrical and musical performances over the years.  The field next to the pond used to be one of the largest open fields in town, popular in the spring time for kite flying. You could throw an Aerobie® and watch it sail for a couple hundred yards without any interference from a tree. At one time (late 1980s) it hosted an annual Labor Day celebration that included hot air balloons, arts , dancing, and a performance by the NC Symphony.  The field now houses a soccer and track field for the college.


The Meredith College campus sits on a spot of land on Hillsborough street, about 0.5 miles west of NC State's main campus. The campus' main gate is on hills Hillsborough  street. There is an additional entrance on Faircloth street. The additional entrance closes at 10pm every night. 

Part of the Raleigh greenway system cuts through the front part of the campus. It  is accessible from Hillsborough street, and connects to the art museum greenway trail.


Meredith College is home to many longstanding traditions

  • Cornhuskin', a week-long celebration in the fall

  • Ring Ceremony

  • Fire and Water dinner

  • Spring Formal

  • Stunt


3800 Hillsborough Street

Raleigh, NC 27607