The midtown area of Raleigh (known as "Midtown") is approximately four miles north of the city center. Although there is some dispute regarding the exact parameters of Midtown, it is generally assumed that it includes the area south of Millbrook Road, north of Interstate 440 (the Beltline), east of Glenwood Ave., and west of Wake Forest Rd. Other have defined it as the area surrounding North Hills, or the neighborhoods adjacent to the northern quadrant of the Beltline.

The Midtown area was once considered North Raleigh. However, as the city expanded over the years pushing further north, old boundaries were redefined. People who once felt as if they lived on the outskirts of old Raleigh started to realize that in fact, they were in the middle of a rapidly developing metropolis. Efforts at branding this area as something distinct from North Raleigh began in the first part of the 21st century when the North Hills Mall underwent a massive renovation.

Over the last decade, several businesses have adopted the Midtown moniker, including Midtown Chiropractic, Midtown Grille, and the North Raleigh/Midtown Hilton.

Media publications include Midtown Magazine and the Midtown Raleigh News, a community paper of the News and Observer.

The Midtown Raleigh Alliance formed in 2011 to promote Midtown, develop community,  and advocate for area needs.