Credit: Mike LegerosMichael John Legeros (luh-gare-us) was born on June 9, 1965 at Mount Sinai Hospital in Minneapolis, MN. The son of the son of a Greek immigrant and the oldest of three children, "Michael John" was raised in Minnesota a suburb of the Twin Cities. At age 14, he moved to Morehead City, NC, a wee coastal town across the bridge from the ocean. At age 18, he moved 150 miles inland to Raleigh, to attend college at North Carolina State University. Since acquiring a Bachelor of Science in high-school math education, he's worked as everything from a traffic reporter to a full-time firefighter. He is currently employed as a technical trainer at a software company in Cary. Also, the unofficial, undisputed photographer for the Raleigh FireDept. (NC). He has a wife, two cats, and no children.

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