In 1886, this two-story frame farmhouse stood on ten acres well beyond the city limits. The NC Agricultural Experiment Station conducted research on tobacco, cotton, rice, and pea crops as well as on fertilizer, soil properties, insect control, and poultry science for the benefit of farmers across the state. City limits eventually expanded west to include the station; after the station's closure in 1926, suburban development surrounded the farmhouse. While the house is closely flanked by subdivision houses, it stands out distinctly in the streetscape with its deeper setback and eclectic Victorian architectural design featuring elements of the Gothic Revival, Italianate, and Queen Anne styles.

Photo by Michael Zirkle Photography
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2714 Vanderbilt Avenue
Eclectic Victorian


Ellington & Royster, contractors

Local/National Designations
Raleigh Historic Landmark
National Register of Historic Places


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