North Raleigh is an expansive suburban area of Raleigh situated in Northern Wake County. It covers the city's territory that falls north of Millbrook Road and south of NC 98.



As typical with the Piedmont, much of North Raleigh is characterized by rolling hills as well as dense forestland.

Notable Attractions 


Shopping Centers


Primary Education

High Schools

  • Leesville High School
  • Millbrook High School
  • Sanderson High School
  • Wakefield High School

Middle Schools

  • Durant Road Middle School
  • East Millbrook Middle School
  • Leesville Middle School
  • Riverbend Middle School
  • River Oaks Middle School
  • Wakefield Middle School
  • West Millbrook Middle School

Elementary Schools

  • Abbots Creek Elementary School
  • Baileywick Road Elementary School
  • Brentwood Elementary School
  • Brier Creek Elementary School
  • Durant Road Elementary School
  • Forest Pines Drive Elementary School
  • Fox Road Elementary School
  • Harris Creek Elementary School
  • Jeffery's Grove Elementary School
  • Leesville Road Elementary School
  • Lynn Road Elementary School
  • North Forest Pines Drive Elementary School
  • North Ridge Elementary School
  • Riverbend Elementary School
  • Stough Elementary School
  • Wakefield Elementary School
  • Wilburn Elementary School
  • Wildwood Forest Elementary School
  • York Elementary School

Higher Education

Pre-Primary Education




  • Interstate 540, also known as the Northern Wake Freeway, is an auxiliary Interstate highway that connects North Raleigh to Interstates 40 and 87. It forms the northern arc of the partially-completed Wake County Freeway, a planned 70-mile beltway surrounding the greater Raleigh area.

U.S. Highways

  • U.S. Route 1, a multi-lane north-south highway that connects North Raleigh to I-440, CaryWake Forest, and Henderson. It follows Capital Boulevard throughout its time in North Raleigh.
  • U.S. Route 70, a multi-lane east-west highway that serves as a critical connection to Durham, Downtown Raleigh, and the port of Morehead City. It follows Glenwood Avenue in this section of the city.
  • U.S. Route 401, a multi-lane north-south highway that serves the northeastern portion of this area of the city. It follows portions of Capital Boulevard and Louisburg Road.

North Carolina Highways

  • North Carolina Highway 50, a regional highway connecting Raleigh to Creedmoor, Benson, and the east coast of North Carolina. It follows Creedmoor Road and a small segment of Glenwood Avenue.
  • North Carolina Highway 98, a regional highway that runs along the extreme northern fringes of the city. It follows Durham Road and the Dr. Calvin Jones Highway, the official dedication for the 98 bypass in Wake Forest.

Major Thoroughfares

Bus Services

All bus services in North Raleigh are provided by GoRaleigh.

  • Route 1 - Capital: A major bus route that runs along Capital Boulevard from Downtown Raleigh to Triangle Town Center. Major stops include the Tarrymoore Square and Mini City shopping centers as well as the Greyhound bus terminal.
  • Route 2 - Falls of Neuse: A major bus route that follows Wake Forest and Falls of Neuse roads from Downtown Raleigh to the Bent Tree Plaza shopping center at the intersection of Falls of Neuse and Strickland Roads. Major stops include the Holly Ridge shopping center and Duke Raleigh Hospital.
  • Route 6 - Crabtree: A major bus route that follows Glenwood Avenue from Downtown Raleigh to the Townridge shopping center on Pleasant Valley Road, with major stops including Glenwood Village, Crabtree Valley Mall, and Five Points.
  • Route 8 - Six Forks: A major bus route that follows Six Forks Road from Downtown Raleigh to the Six Forks Station shopping center at the intersection between Six Forks and Strickland roads. Major stops include the Raleigh Municipial Building, North Hills, and Raleigh Union Station (albiet after 7 p.m.)
  • Route 23L - Millbrook Crosstown: An east-west connector route that travels between Capital Boulevard and Crabtree Valley Mall via Millbrook Road. Major stops include the Mini City and Capital Crossing shopping centers and the Shelly Lake Performing Arts Center.
  • Route 24L - North Crosstown: An east-west connector route that travels between Spring Forest Road and North Hills. Major stops include the Paddington Station Shopping Center and Green Road Park.
  • Route 25L - Triangle Town Center: A north-south connector route that travels between the Northridge Shopping Center on Spring Forest Road and the WakeMed North hospital on Falls of Neuse Road. Major stops include the Wake Tech north campus and Triangle Town Center.
  • Route 36 - Creedmoor: A major bus rout that follows Creedmoor Road from Crabtree Valley Mall to the Towne North Shopping Center at the corner of Creedmoor and Strickland Roads.
  • Route 70X - Brier Creek Express: An express route that travels between Crabtree Valley Mall and the Brier Creek subdivision via Glenwood Avenue.
  • Route 401X - Rolesville Express: An express route that travels between Triangle Town Center and the town of Rolesville via Louisburg Road.
  • Wake Forest Loop: A fare-free loop route that travels through the town of Wake Forest and the eastern portion of Raleigh's Wakefield Plantation subdivision. As of January 1, 2020, the route operates on each day of the week with the exception of Sundays.
  • WRX - Wake Forest Express: An express route that connects Downtown Raleigh to Downtown Wake Forest via Capital Boulevard.  The route only operates during peak travel hours.

Parks and Recreation

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