Num Num Sauce comes in two flavors: mild and hot.

Num Num Sauce is a Durham, N.C., based barbecue sauce company specializing in a delicious, sweet grilling and dipping sauce. It's a mixture of the classic North Carolina vinegar-based barbecue sauce and traditional ketchup-based sauce. The company coined Num Num Sauce as “The Taste of a Hidden Country Secret” and “The Taste of Southern Hospitality.” 


Michael Lloyd started Num Num Sauce in 2006 but its history goes back far beyond this establishment date. Lloyd’s great-grandfather originally perfected the sauce and began selling Faison & Faison BBQ Sauce in 1941 until his passing in 1963. The sauce is so good, the Heinz Company wanted to buy the recipe from Grandpa Faison, to no avail. From 1963-2006, Lloyd’s family was the only group afforded the opportunity to enjoy the sauce until Lloyd decided to bring it to the masses.


 The Num Num Sauce difference

Num Num Sauce founder Michael Lloyd. Photo from

What makes Num Num Sauce different is how good it is on many types of food, its flavor and ingredients. 

·      Low in sodium (100mg less salt than ketchup)

·      No calories from fat

·      Gluten-free

·      Free of filters

·      Zero synthetic preservatives

·      Preserved with natural antioxidants Turmeric and Vitamin C

Watch Lloyd discuss his sauce's history and take you on a tour of Durham.

How to enjoy

Num Num Sauce melds perfectly with anything you put on the grill, be it fish, chicken, steak, burgers, pork chops, or ribs. It’s also a delicious dipping sauce for bread and fries.

Recipes using Num Num Sauce

Where to buy

You can find Num Num Sauce on the shelves of Whole Foods only in the Triangle, or you can buy Num Num Sauce here.

Contact Information:

Company email: [email protected]

Phone number: 919-478-9309