The Off-Leash Dog Park at Oakwood Park is located next to the old Oakwood Cemetery in Historic Oakwood.

Oakwood Dog Park © 2011 ChrisRiefPhotography.comParker running fast at Oakwood Dog Park © 2011

Entering Oakwood Dog Park

The dog park has a triple gate entrance system that can be confusing. The triple gate system lets you enter the dog park without your dog or anyone else’s dog getting loose. The idea is to make sure that no more than one gate is open at one time. Before you enter the gate from the parking lot, make sure the other two gates are closed. Open the main entrance gate from the parking lot and close it. Then unleash your dog. Keep your leash with you after you enter the park! It may come in handy and it’s a rule! If there are other dogs in the area between the three gates make sure the owners have those dogs leashed and under control before you open the main gate. This keeps these dogs from escaping and those owners from being upset with you.  

After you have unleashed your dog, open the gate for the small dog area or the large dog area and enter the park. Be sure and close that gate behind you so that others can enter the dog park.

Oakwood Dog Park Areas

The dog park has two separate fenced off areas named the "Small Dog Area" and the "Large Dog Area". The names are more suggestive than absolute. Many small dogs prefer the Large Dog Area. The Small Dog Area is also intended for older, less active, or shy dogs. Any small dogs larger "siblings" are allowed in the small dog area as long as they are also good with other small dogs. If you have any questions look for someone wearing a yellow dog park volunteer button. These people will be happy to answer any questions you might have. If you can’t find a volunteer ask someone in the dog park.  Dog park users are usually willing to help out new visitors.

Oakwood Dog Park Nearby Pet Services

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