The Neuse River is open for paddling between Old Milburnie Road to Poole Road.  The length of this leg of the river is 3.5 miles, with a put-in at the Milburnie Dam Canoe Access off of Old Milburnie Road and a take-out at the Pool Road Canoe Access off of Poole Road.

This stretch of the Neuse River provides an opportunity for gentle paddling East of Raleigh. This section has several small rapids and passes by Anderson Point Park at the confluence with Crabtree Creek. The Gunnison Rapid (Class II) is midway between the confluence and Poole Road.

Parking at Milburnie is a small dirt/gravel lot. Put-in area is easy to access (<100 yards). A pedestrian bridge is also located here that connects to the Raleigh Greenway. If paddling downstream above the dam, you will need to portage on the right banks (Greenway side) for about 1/10 of a mile.

Parking at Poole Road is paved. Put-in/take-out access is via a short paved trail (<100 yards) that crosses the Raleigh Greenway. Put-in/Take-out area can be a little muddy & steep, but a novice will be ok.

There are no facilities (restrooms, etc.) at either location.

Difficulty 1 and single II
Distance 3.5 miles
Width 60 - 175 ft
Gradient 1.7 ft/mi