The R-Line vehicles are hybrid-electric buses. The R-Line Rocks!

Experience the R-LINE, an eco-friendly approach to urban transportation. This FREE circulator service features hybrid electric buses that will connect you to restaurants, retail, entertainment venues, museums, hotels, and parking facilities in downtown Raleigh. Buses run every 10 minutes, but make sure you're at the stop early!

The two hybrid-electric buses include nice seats, air-conditioning and plasma TVs. The bus is shrink-wrapped in bright green and blue, the buses carry tourists and locals, pub crawlers and date-night couples. As they move counter-clockwise in a loop from stop to stop, the R-Line buses are also connecting areas of development.

Hours of Operation:

  • Mon-Wed (7 am-11 pm)
  • Thurs-Sat (7 am-2:15 am)
  • Sun (1 pm-8 pm)

Where Are the Buses?

R-Line stops are clearly marked.The Downtown Raleigh Alliance offers a projected real-time arrivals for the R-LINE circulator service.  Through a special agreement with the City of Raleigh and their vendor, Digital Recorders, the DRA was able obtain access and permission to incorporate real-time bus information.  In February of 2010, the community received a mobile version of the map,
To access the mobile version visit and click on the “R-LINE” tab.  The stops are listed with real-time projections for the two key index points and there is an icon that links to the R-LINE map.


Bus Stops

R1 - State Capitol

The R1 bus stop...

R2 - State Government

R2 bus stop

The R2 bus stop primarily serves the state government employees during normal business hours. Typically this stop is not used in the evenings and weekends, but is considered to be the closest stop for some residents living in Historic Oakwood. This bus stop does not have a shelter, bench or trash can.





R3-Seaboard Station

R-3 bus stop

Located along Person Street in front of Sunflowers near the intersection of Peace and Halifax. The R3 bus stop serves the Seaboard Shopping Center, Peace College, Person Street business district and many neighborhoods in the north end of downtown Raleigh. Many people park and ride from this location in the evening.

Stops in front of Sunflowers18 Seaboard a block away.

R4-West & Peace

Located across from Southland Ballroom next to a private parking lot. No sidewalks or lighting at night. This is the closest stop if you're walking to downtown from Five Points East.

R5-Glenwood South at Tucker Street

Directly across the street from Sullivan's Steakhouse. Just  a short walk to Cantina South, Draft, Globe, Amadillo Grill, Helios and Solas.

R6-Glenwood South at North Street

R7-Glenwood South at Willard Street

R8-Morgan Street at Harrington Street

R9-Municipal Complex

Stops in front of the Dawson. The Municipal Building is across the street.  Usually quicker to walk from here if you're headed to the Capitol Building or the north end of the Fayetteville Street District (Hargett or Martin Streets).

R10-Warehouse District at Hargett St (after 6:30 pm only)

R11-Warehouse District at Davie Street (after 6:30 pm only) R-Line stops are clearly marked.


Located along West Carbarrus Street directly next to the Raleigh amphitheater and across the street from the Raleigh downtown police station. The R12 bus stop serves the Amtrak Station, Raleigh amphitheater and Wake County Parking Deck. The following bus stop includes a shelter, trash can and extremely safe nighttime environment. 

What's Nearby? See Downtown Raleigh Alliance's list.

R13-Raleigh Convention Center

Stops in front of the Convention Center. The shimmer wall is on the backside of the building.  Drivers usually delay at this stop for several minutes to adjust spacing between the two circulating buses.

R14-Performing Arts Center

R15-City Center Deck

R16-Moore Square Deck - S Wilmington St & E Martin St (not served after 6:30 pm)

R17-City Market at Moore Square  (after 6:30 pm only)

R18-Hargett Street at Blount Street (after 6:30 pm only)

R19-Hargett Street at Wilmington Street (after 6:30 pm only)

R20-New Bern Place/Wilmington Station Deck




R-Line information from the Downtown Raleigh Alliance

Mobile link for live bus tracking of buses









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