Interior shot of the #2 unit, facing north. Photo provided by Hilary Stokes Photo provided by Hilary Stokes Photo provided by Hilary Stokes© 2012

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The tallest building in downtown Raleigh.

  • 33 stories
  • Residential living starts on 23rd floor
  • 139 units

Below, We have supplied a list of common neighborhood questions. Go through the list, delete the questions (pre-added text) and add the neighborhood's relevant info.

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Neighborhood Character

  • Home Types: Single family homes? Townhomes? Condos? Rentals? Mix of all?
  • Ranches? Bungalows?
  • Age: Is it an older neighborhood?  New? Mix of Both?


This can be long or short. Who built the neighborhood? Has it changed over time?

Trends: What is going on now in the neighborhood? Nothing? New development?


List the schools here or link to the website

Online Community

  • Does the neighborhood have a website? Put the link here.
  • Discussion Group? Is there a yahoo or google group? List it here and mention if it is private or public.

Local Government

  • Which voting district for city/town council, school board, other?
  • If Raleigh, which CAC?
  • Link to any relevant city services -
    • ​If Raleigh, just include the "lookup" page so folks can lookup their services based on their address. (look in the right column)
  • State Representatives,


  • Does the neighborhood have sidewalks? Is it walkable? If so, what can you walk to?
  • What parks are nearby? Be sure to check out park pages in the wiki and link to them instead of an outside web page.
  • Strengths? What are the positive aspects to the neighborhood?


  • What are the weaknesses of the neighborhood?


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