RGreenway is a free mobile application available for iOS and Android devices. The RGreenway app will ensure that you never get lost on Raleigh, Cary and surrounding Greenways. The app was developed and is maintained on a volunteer basis by a diverse team of area residents. The RGreenway team placed first at CityCamp Raleigh 2012.

RGreenway Available for Free Download

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Long-term, the application is designed to make the 3800 acre 115 mile Raleigh Greenway system an integrated park. No other City or community of cities has invested as much as Raleigh and the Triangle in a system like ours. Few have committed themselves to the principle of open data like Raleigh has. Together this presents an opportunity to create America’s Smartest Park.

A cool feature of the app that would be of particular note to Triangle Wiki users is that you can click on a trail and it will give you more information on the trail (see above). This includes a brief description of the trail that was provided in the KML data that the RGreenway team accessed from the city of Raleigh website. However, we would eventually like to have a link after the trail description to provide an even more complete description of the trail, pictures, etc. Having a link to Triangle Wiki for each trail would be a great way to provide user generated content.  The RGreenway team would need access to a LocalWiki API that it could then use to pull in Triangle Wiki data.

Since CityCamp 2012, the RGreenway team continues to meet and improve the app. In 2013, the team added Cary Greenway data and it continues to explore the addition of surrounding greenway and trail information as cities and counties make data available to us. To learn more or to stay in the know about feature enhancements, visit http://rgreenway.com, "Like" RGreenway on Facebook, follow RGreenway on Twitter, or email us at [email protected].

Greenway content wanted!

Another concern is that there aren't a whole lot of pages for the greenway trails, only 5 of the trails we are showing have wiki pages. Now granted, a lot of the pages you don't have are the smaller greenway trails, but it would still be nice to have wiki pages for as many of these as possible. I'd really like someone to try and get some more wiki pages for these out there. One option is I could ask someone on my team if they would be interested in walking the trail, then writing a wiki page on it. Or possibly do you know someone (maybe a passionate greenway runner and wiki contributor) who might be interested in creating some of these pages?

Here's the trails we are listing in our app. I've put a yes or no indicating if you have a wiki page for them or not.

Rocky Branch Trail - YES

Richland Creek Trail - YES

Walnut Creek Trail - YES

Reedy Creek Trail - YES

Crabtree Creek Trail - YES

Mine Creek Trail - NO

East Fork Mine Creek Trail - NO

Snelling Branch Trail - NO

Hare Snipe Creek Trail - NO

Baileywick Trail - NO

Honeycutt Creek Trail - YES

Marsh Creek Trail - NO

Spring Forest Trail - NO

Simms Branch Trail - NO

Abbotts Creek Trail - NO

House Creek Trail - YES

Little Rock Trail - YES

Neuse River Trail - YES

Wakefield Trail - NO

Beaver Dam Trail - NO

Gardner Street Trail - NO