Ribbon-cutting at Little Rock GreenwayThe Triangle is home to a number of Raleigh Greenways that provide excellent opportunities to bike and jog around the area.

Initiated in 1974, Raleigh’s greenway system began as small, isolated segments. But in the last three decades it has grown to nearly 100 miles. Encompassing 3000 acres, the system has developed some connectivity, with several multi-mile stretches, including an 11-mile trek from Wake Medical Center to Oakview northwest of Crabtree Valley Mall. The system is not only reaching areas throughout the city, but is preparing to link with other, larger trails. [source: Raleigh Public Record / John Dancy Jones]

Based on information about currently-funded projects, the Raleigh Greenway system will grow to 130 miles by the end of 2013.

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