Tasks & Goals for This Month:

Find aggregators. Notes of Pros/Cons of data.

Converge next meeting to bring down platforms to choice

Techniques to find Aggregators:

  1. Research other cities, see how a new person finds things
    1. NYC, SV, Denver, Indianapolis, Boulder, Austin
  2. Google Search
  3. Google for Entrepreneurs
  4. Twitter Thought Leaders
  5. Different Industry Perspectives



Grouping of information 

  • Most active entries: need active moderators
    • Calendar with events
    • blogs/infographics/stories
    • Email subscriptions
  • Crowdsource with admin interface for:
    • start-up listing with tags e.g. #of employees, funding size, how old
    • incubator listing e.g. information about industry, start-end dates
    • angel investor list
    • vc investor list
    • co-working spaces listing
    • government and non-profit resources
    • private companies
    • start-up jobs listing
  • Provide way for others to network with: Social
    • ‘subject matter expert’ or like minded entrepreneur
    • advisors or mentors
    • expert agency or freelancer e.g. marketing, accounting etc.
    • beta tester