Today we welcomed Justin to the team from the last IR meetup. He noted that Amy from ExitEvent also suggested one of their goals was to provide resources / connections to the region. We should definitely reach out to her.

I also briefly met with Atticus from HQ Raleigh and he has their resource list setup definitively in a Google Spreadsheet. It's a collection of resources (people and companies) with < 5 text fields each separated by general category. Turning this into a resource tool for HQ members is goal #1, with extension to events (Derrick's list) following up. A final thought I had with this is that each "resource list" has a "curator" of sorts -- or someone that vouches for those people being on that list. Besides them being the owner of the list, I think it's a great place to start in our app -- and something that a tool like Product Hunt handles today.

Goals of the app:

  1. Curation - Aggregation of Resources
  2. Curation - Distillation of Resources

We prioritized features of the overall system into different 'buckets' of releases:

  1. MVP
    1. Admin CRUD of Resources (Managing content)
    2. Tagging / Classification / Types of content
    3. Intro "Guide"
  2. Iteration 1
    1. Voting / Ranking Algorithm / Limiting
    2. Socials / Reviews
    3. Location / GPS / Map
    4. Calendar / Time / Events
  3. Iteration 2
    1. User submitted content
    2. Advanced filtering and search
    3. Integrations (, LinkedIn, AngelList, ExitEvent, etc...)

Some options we have for implementation

  1. Adopt another network
    1. Fosterly
    2. Any others?
  2. Buy / OSS & Customize another platform
    1. Q&A / CRM / Volunteer Mgmt / Social Network OSS Platform
  3. Build on a framework
    1. Wordpress
    2. Ruby on Rails
    3. PencilBlue?
  4. Build from scratch
    1. NomadList-like (data/table driven)
    2. StartupStash-like (custom HTML/CSS Static Page)